May 30, 2011

May days in Seoul #1

Tiny flowers



Canon AE-1, Fuji Superia 400

Photos from my trip to Korea two weeks ago! My AE-1 continues to surprise me and it seems kinda strange that these four photos came from the same roll of film, because the first two and last two have such a different feel to them. The photo of the ahjussi on the subway is one of my favourites from this roll, because I actually got the focus right!

Places pictured here: Insadong, the Secret Garden in Changdeok Palace, Samcheongdong and the subway

More to follow!

May 24, 2011

(Water)colours for summer

I spotted these watercolour illustrations by Fine Day Press on Design*Sponge yesterday and had to share them! This combination of soft lines and bright colours just gives off such a cheery summer feel.

More from Fine Day Press on their website and in their Etsy shop!

(image credits: Design*Sponge and Fine Day Press)

May 22, 2011

Square-format Seoul

Furry 호떡 Yellow & red
IMG_0529 IMG_0530
Perfect chocolate pancakes IMG_0563

For the first time, I went on a holiday armed only with a film camera - and survived! I used to have the mindset that because film is so precious, it can't be wasted on mundane, normal things. This always results in me walking away from an outing or event wishing I'd captured more of it on film. I'm slowly learning that it's alright to snap away freely sometimes even when I'm shooting film - that not every shot has to have a super interesting subject or perfect lighting.

In the mean time, while the photos get developed, here are some instagrammed shots from my phone. Click through if you want to know more about them! I brought my family around to all the usual places like Insadong, Samcheongdong and Sinchon, and we also explored new areas like Seoraeseom, which is a lovely little islet along the Han river.

And here are just a few lovely things I've come across recently:

Am in love with these photos of Kurashiki, shot by Hiki from jollygoo.

Just discovered, where Diana blogs about her cool collection of cameras and other fun things.

Some dreamy photos from abby try again.

Listening to this song by Vodka Rain on repeat.

Have a happy weekend, friends!

May 6, 2011

Tentative tendrils

Bit of greenery

VCR by The xx

Feeling a bit like this plant at the moment, sort of all over the place and messy.

I'm off to Korea (again!) for a short trip next week and I can't wait to revisit familiar neighbourhoods and discover new ones! My great excuse for my lack of productivity thus far has been that 'I need a break!'. Hopefully, after this trip I'll be all out of excuses and will come back with a suitcase full of new clothes, some new Korean words and lots of fresh ideas!

Here are a couple of things that have inspired me lately:

Amazing semi-animated photos.

A lovely wedding by the sea (found via A Cup of Jo).

Love the result of this heart cut-out DIY project.

When illustration and design seamlessly combine.

How to turn your old flats into glitter flats!

A new clothing label I love.

Tuesday taste test, a collection of neat things from Etsy.

A garden in a cup.

What ideas or images have you been inspired by lately? I'd love to hear about them!
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