February 25, 2011



I snapped this photo at Incheon airport as I was waiting for my flight. Airports are such emotional spaces, don't you think? Happiness, homecoming, sadness, separation are thick in the air.

More photos from my first b&w roll to follow soon!


A lovely read for the weekend: this joy+ride

It's a blog where Sheri and Shari post interviews with creative people twice a month, complete with beautiful photos.

I just read the latest issue featuring Tara O'Brady and I'm gonna slowly work my way backwards through the issues. Can't wait to discover more lovely people & their work!

Found via @abby_try_again.

February 23, 2011

What I love most about my home


..and that's saying a lot, because there are many things to love about Tad and Jessica Carpenter's home, such as the lovely vintage typography decor. (found via design*sponge)

Update: This is now available as a print on Tad Carpenter's site!

February 18, 2011

Friday Film Fav: AshBoBizzle


Crabbing in Corolla


Ashlee's photos remind me why I love film so much. They have a special dreamy quality that can't be produced digitally. You can find more of her photos here.


Friday Film Fav is a new weekly series where I share my favourite film photos from Flickr and the rest of the web. I'd love to hear about your film favourites! Send me an email or leave a comment with a link :)

Have a lovely weekend, friends!

February 10, 2011

Heart on a chart

(image from wikipedia)

Never thought I'd be posting a graph on my blog, but isn't it amazing that the heart symbol can be expressed as an equation?

Hope this unusual heart brightens up your Monday.

Have a happy, non-commercialised Valentine's day!

February 3, 2011

Bunny Year

One of the reasons why I love being Chinese is because we get to celebrate New Year's twice. The Lunar New Year is here again, which means an unending stream of visits, angpows and good food!

Year of the Bunny

Here's a simple vector-style desktop wallpaper I created for the New Year. The great thing about this wallpaper is that you can keep it and then reuse it when the Year of the Rabbit comes around again, in 11 years' time.

(1280 x 800 available for download here)

Alright, I'm off to eat MORE pineapple tarts, love letters and bak kwa.

Happy Lunar New Year friends! Have a good weekend!
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