July 7, 2011

Local tourist: Ann Siang Hill

Inspired by the guide that Emily from Paper Tiger Press wrote for Design*Sponge, and Notabilia's Singapore Shopaholic posts, my friend Elly and I decided to be local tourists for a day. So, a few weeks back, we took a trip to Ann Siang Hill, a curious area full of refurbished shop-houses.

That resort feeling

Red windows

Many have been converted to bars... (I love the bright red windows on this one)

The Guild

...while others have been preserved in their original state. This shop-house looks as though it's been around since the early 1900s!

Childhood throwback

Jewel stickers from The Little Dröm Store - I used to wear these as earrings when I was a kid. They've got many other little knick knacks that used to be common in the past but are hardly sold anywhere else now.

Hello there

Upon entering Woods in the Books, we were greeted by a jovial tree with legs. After I snapped this shot, the owners told us that photography wasn't allowed, oops!

Flor Patisserie

We stopped for a tea break at the cosy little Flor Patisserie. I recommend their ice cheese tart, which comes in many flavours. Next time, I have to try the matcha-flavoured one.

The Alley of Many Chambers

All in all, it's a great area to explore. I really felt like a tourist that day. I think it's all about how you look at your surroundings, about expecting to see the new, interesting things that are there, instead of just what's old, tired and everyday. I can't wait to be a local tourist again!

If you know of a special spot in Singapore, a place you've had fun exploring, I'd love to hear about it!


  1. thanks for sharing these wonderful photos -- I would love to visit :)

  2. Thanks, Rachel! If you ever come to Singapore, this is definitely an area worth checking out!

  3. I really like these photos! You are a master photographer.

  4. Thanks so much, Sanna! I'm still far from being a pro though, you're too kind.


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