July 2, 2013

New Zealand: Taupo Town

NZ Taupo Town 1

NZ Taupo Town 2

NZ Taupo Town 3

NZ Taupo Town 4

NZ Taupo Town 5

NZ Taupo Town 6

NZ Taupo Town 7

NZ Taupo Town 8

NZ Taupo Town 9

sheep watching me watching them

NZ Taupo Town 10

NZ Taupo Town 12

Above: Waikato River, hills & farmland, natural hot spring along the Otumuheke Stream

The hot spring was hands down my favourite attraction in Taupo. There's nothing like soaking in a super-heated river, surrounded by rocks & moss, with pebbles between your toes. No need for electricity, or a changing room, just the essentials.

If exploring all these hills & rivers makes you hungry, head to:

Replete for coffee and killer carrot cake. They also have a kitchenware and food section, with exotic teas and Orla Kiely tins that I drooled over but did not buy.

Dixie Browns for good steak & fresh scallops. If you plan to go there for dinner on a weekend, be sure to make a reservation as they're often fully booked on the day itself.

More NZ photos:
iPhone snaps
Lake Taupo


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  1. so beautiful waters. while friends and I were driving around the south islands, we did quite a bit of stop-take-pictures-in-middle-of-highway scenes. but of course, the cars travel quite fast so once we spot one, we hopped back to safety ;)

    1. It's inevitable, because the scenery is just too nice.

      I've heard that the South Island is even prettier than the North Island, where I was. Jealous! :P

  2. Amazing photographs, as always. :)

    Thank you for dropping my blog and your lovely words, Trixia! :) I hope you get to fix your Yashica soon!

  3. I've never felt the itch to visit nz until your pics :D

    1. That is exactly how I became interested in travelling to New Zealand too!


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