March 30, 2011

"Make something already!"

Anything at all something I often say to myself and I think projects and competitions are great ways to get started. So here a here's a round-up of a few that are happening right now:

Azzari's holding a lovely spring photo swap over at The Sweet Light. Be quick, it ends today (April 1)!

Doodlers Anonymous invites you to draw a calendar for the month of April, with a chance to be featured in their illustrated calendar if you win. There were some amazing entries for February - they made me feel like doodling right away! This ends on April 6.

If book-covers are your thing, the Re-covered Books contest by The Fox Is Black is for you. This time, the tome undergoing a makeover is The Odyssey by Homer, which should be fun! It closes on April 15.

Or, if you're feeling ambitious, you could try making something everyday instead.

Have fun snapping/doodling/designing!

P.S. Try typing 'Helvetica' into the Google search bar! Happy April 1st!

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