June 20, 2011

Flying not falling

Natsumi, the creator of the Yowayowa Camera Woman Diary, takes photos of herself in many different settings, with one constant - she's always in mid-air. Unlike most levitation self-portraits, her photos don't create the illusion that she is floating, but instead capture a sense of motion.

There's something about these photos that makes them look like stills from a film and they remind me of the Japanese animated movie The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. I love her creativity and admire her willingness to do what it takes to get the shot she wants.

(Found via Jayhan, all images by Natsumi)


  1. Hello! Found your blog and your name through your 'Indonesia : The Next Big Thing in Digital Media' video.

    Really like your blog and designs. :)
    Cheers from Indonesia.

  2. @Azam: Hi there! It's so cool that people are still watching our video. Thanks so much! :)


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