September 3, 2012

Wimbly Lu

My friends introduced me to this dessert cafe a few months ago and I couldn't help admiring its cosy, classy decor. Wish I'd snapped more photos! I can't remember exactly which desserts we ordered, just that everything was really chocolaty, so I'll let the photos do the talking:

(taken with a Canon AE-1)


Some good stuff I came across recently:
Intricate pencil lead sculptures by Dalton Ghetti (Charlie Bowater)
Top Notch Type 17 - this whole series is worth checking out (Emmadine)
Art collective Kut changes the weather in Latvia (Booooooom)
Type illusions by Stephen Doyle + a behind the scenes video (Jason Santa Maria)
Rachel Chew's delightful blog & Flickr


  1. This looks beyond AMAZING. I love that you use a canon ae 1 for your shots (that is my go to camera as well).

    Also, how great it top notch type?

    1. The AE-1 is such a great camera, right? It's my current favourite :)

      Yes, I've found so many pretty/useful fonts through TNT!


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