April 6, 2013

Laneway 2013

A couple of favourites from the (long overdue) roll I shot at this year's Laneway Festival:

Laneway 2013 #1
Tiny & faraway Kings of Convenience

Laneway 2013 #2

Laneway 2013 #3
Divine Fits

Laneway 2013 #4
My Laneway buddy Sherm

Laneway 2013 #5

Laneway 2013 #6
Sunset + ∆ (Alt-J)

Laneway 2013 #7
Real Estate

Alt-J and Of Monsters And Men were hands-down the most enjoyable acts in my opinion, but Gotye, Kings of Convenience, Divine Fits & Yeasayer definitely did not disappoint. Looking at these photos, it's not hard to imagine that I'm back in that jam-packed crowd, being baked in the sun and mesmerised by the music. These Laneway mixtapes help too.

Also, can we please take a minute to appreciate what a good job the Olympus XA did, especially for the low light photos? Not bad for a film camera with a tiny, fixed lens. I snapped those stage shots fully expecting to get blurry blobs of light, so I was really quite amazed when I saw the scans.


I'll be adding a few lines in Korean to my posts every now and then, in an effort to practice the language more. Any grammar corrections or writing tips are very welcome :)
제일 좋아하는 Laneway 사진이 몇 장 이에요. 그 날에 날씨가 엄청 나쁘 지만 재미 있었어요!

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