May 2, 2013

Local Tourist: Chinatown (and a bit of VivoCity)

Sanna and I have been friends since we were wee kids, but it's been ages since we last met. Back in March, we finally had a chance to hang out and since she loves taking photos and I wanted to finish up some film, we decided to do a mini photo-walk around Chinatown. All these photos were taken with the Olympus XA.

Chinatown 1

Chinatown 2

Chinatown 3

Chinatown 4

Chinatown 5

Chinatown 6

HarbourFront 1

HarbourFront 2

We had guo tie & zha jiang mian at Tian Jin Fong Kee, explored Pagoda Street & Temple Street, ate mediocre shaved ice and hid from a thunderstorm. I didn't expect anything much shopping-wise from kitschy Pagoda Street, so it was a nice surprise to discover a Tintin shop tucked among all the souvenirs.

Later, we headed to VivoCity for some errand-running. It's just a regular shopping centre, but there's a nice boardwalk that runs between the sea and the shops, and we managed to catch some golden light while we were there. I really like the shot of Sanna by the sea - her amazing hair & that blue water make me think of Ariel from The Little Mermaid!

Head over here to see Sanna's photos from our day out. You should definitely check out her blog if you like wonderfully droll and/or thoughtful words about teaching 13 year-olds and other adventures. Her posts never fail to make me smile.

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  1. I love being a tourist and appreciating what I've got in my own city ;) the pictures of chinatown are actually my exact walk to work!

    1. Yes, there's so much waiting to be discovered if we have a tourist's mindset! Lucky you, that's approximately 1000 times more exciting than my walk to work, ha.


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