November 30, 2010

청계천을 보고 싶어 (missing cheonggyecheon)

i'll miss this view
art in the city
stepping stones
people on the wall

korean is a fascinating (and sometimes, frustrating) language to learn, because a single word or phrase can have multiple meanings.

the phrase '보고 싶어요' literally means '(i) want to see (something/someone)'
but it also means '(i) miss (something/someone)'

i can't wait to take a walk along cheonggyecheon again. i know it's man-made, but there's still something magical about this stream, that was buried and then revived again. also, the last time i was there, i had the chance to view some lovely art that was being set up (possibly for the hi seoul festival), which was a bonus.

______ 보고 싶어요! (fill in the blank with something or someone you miss!)

have an enjoyable december's eve :)

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