November 29, 2010

travel: chun cheon (춘천)

a few weeks ago, i headed to chun cheon with a few friends and over the weekend there, we:

ate FANTASTIC dakgalbi.
chun cheon is the birthplace of this dish, so it's no surprise that they serve the best dakgalbi ever!

cycling lane
bridge of love
구곡폭포 (gugok falls)
visited gugok falls.
the viewing area was small and very crowded, but the scenery on the way up was very lovely and made it worthwhile.

maiden statue
wispy clouds
another spot worth visiting is the place along soyang river where a maiden statue stands. the view there is beautiful, with the bridge reflected in the calm green water and layers of mountains in the distance.


random things seen around chun cheon (more photos can be found on my flickr)

there wasn't a great deal to see or do there (as we'd decided to avoid the more touristy areas) but chun cheon has a laid-back small-town feel that's really nice. and because i love food so much, once the dakgalbi there won me over, i was pretty much sold! if you ever get the chance, chun cheon is definitely worth a visit!

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